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Guided by the evidence

Pre-, Peri-, and Post-operative antisepsis are non-trivial components of every surgical procedure and are critical in the prevention of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs).

We need faster, easier to use, and safer products to help prevent healthcare errors and to support increasing patient volumes.

We need new chemical formulations to address antimicrobial resistance and growing allergic reactions which threaten to increase the risk and reduce the effectiveness of existing products.

Lab Experiments

Faster Prep Time

Reduced Risk

Greater Safety

Increased Volume

Innovative, FDA-approved chemical formulation that:

  • Helps reduce the clinical and economic risk of surgical site infection

  • Provides a pathway to increased surgical volume

  • Is demonstrated to deliver unsurpassed efficacy and safety in comparison to existing alternatives

  • Remains effective when antimicrobial resistance challenges other skin prep formulations

Medical Tablet

Unsurpassed safety, efficacy and speed

As demonstrated in multiple Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials.

“ZuraGard was efficacious in reducing the microbial burden on abdominal and groin test sites, exceeding that of ChloraPrep.”


Emerging needs in a growing segment

The multi-billion dollar healthcare antiseptic market is primed for innovation to address the increased demands on healthcare resources and the growing risks of healthcare errors, allergic reactions, and antimicrobial resistance.

Specialization/product roadmap

Beyond ZuraGard, Zurex Pharma’s other patented formulations show promise to address additional unmet needs and measurably improve clinical and economic outcomes.

Happy Patient
Team Meeting

Expert team

Proven management team with a track record in healthcare product development and commercialization.

Value-creation culture

Everything we do to build value will be based on “Outside-In” thinking – we will listen to the needs of the marketplace and provide evidence based products to address those needs.


1. Data on file

POST COVID-19 NEED: ZuraGard will support the post Covid-19 increase in surgical volume.

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